Flea and Tick Prevention


You need to be very responsible to own a pet dog. Part of the duties and responsibilities of a pet owner is to keep fleas away from your furry buddy. One single flea can rapidly result in a flea infestation before your know it. When there is a flea infestation in your home, your pet, you and your family is at risk of dangerous diseases.

To avoid this, you must start with your dog. They are the very first living things that fleas will target. By nature, cats and dogs are hosts to these pesky parasites. These bugs feed on their blood. As a result dogs and cats suffer from itching and later on allergies and infection. The pets are not the only ones affected. Fleas can also bite humans and you would never want that. At the sign of a flea infestation with your pet, see a veterinarian right away. He or she will advise you on the next steps to eliminated the ticks and fleas. He or she will also give medication in order for the pet to have immediate relief from itching, allergies and infection. Ultimately, the vet will give the dog flea and tick prevention medication, creams, ointment, injections and etcetera. In worse cases you house may require the services of pet control team. Fumigation may be necessary under severe tick and flea infestation cases.

Of course you should never wait for this to happen to take action. An effective, safe and convenient solution is to give your cat or dog a pet flea pill regularly, orally. These pills prevent reproduction among those parasites. These PetAction pills are potent enough to last up to a month. A pet flea pill is a chemical product that enter’s the pet’s blood stream. The chemicals will be ingested by the fleas through the blood that they suck off your pet. The chemical is deadly to the parasites but not your pets if used correctly.

Just like choosing medicine, care must be exercised when selecting a flea pill. You need to choose the brand that is safe and proven effective my many scientists and veterinarians. What is considered an effected pet flea pill will depend on you and your pet dog’s needs. Again it is important to remember to follow your vet’s instructions for the use of the pet flea pill. Not all pet flea pills are the same, there are those that aim at destroying the life cycle of the fleas while there are others that target adult parasites. Your vet will determine which type of pill will be suitable for your dog or your cat. For further details regarding the benefits of flea and tick prevention, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea_treatments.

For more information on pet flea pills, check the web at http://pet-action.com/.


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